Unit #: .

Occupant and Owner agree that Occupant was formerly a tenant in the Storage Unit under a lease and Occupants rights to occupy the Storage Unit have terminated and certain personal property (“Personal Property”) remains in the Storage Unit.

Occupant represents that it is the sole owner of the Personal Property, which Personal Property is not subject to any lease or lien.

Occupant hereby releases and abandons and has released and abandoned all Personal Property left in the Storage Unit and conveys the same to Owner.

Occupant Array have scheduled access to the Storage Unit to remove any or all of the contents therein Array Array

After this time, Occupant will be denied access, or continue to be denied access, and Owner may enter and dispose of, donate, destroy, retain, or sell all such Personal Property of any nature, including, but not limited to any personal items, and retain all proceeds therefrom, if any.

Occupant acknowledges that Occupant’s occupancy rights have terminated, and Owner may re-rent the Storage Unit.

For the agreed upon sum of $Array paid by Occupant to Owner, Owner acknowledges that execution of this release by the parties constitutes a release by Owner of Occupant’s liability for any past due or future rents and other charges due under the Rental Agreement; provided that Occupant shall be fully responsible for any damage caused by Occupant, or its agents, while present on the Storage Facility.

Occupant releases Owner and management company, if any, and their members, employees or agents from all claims and demands of every nature and kind for any loss, damage, injury, expense, or liability and agrees to defend indemnify and hold them harmless from the claims of any person claiming an interest in, or lien against, the Personal Property.


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DATE: 12/31/1969 17:00:00

DATE: 12/31/1969 17:00:00